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Ukrainian Pilots Training for A-10

Serge AAug 27, 2022 (0)

Some might not know this but the A-10 American fighter plane was mainly designed to be the most effective machine to eliminate the Soviet Union tanks and other armoured vehicles. It was the rise of Soviet aggression that called for an air attack solution against the Soviets. Although thankfully, not used for the specific reason they were designed for as the Cold War exterminated itself before it became hot, these planes saw their first fight in a war that came after the cold war and proved themselves to be extremely effective for eliminating ground targets.

The Pentagon still stores an overwhelming amount of these planes in proper storage facilities and keeps them dry and ready for the purpose it was made for - eliminating Russian armoured vehicles and tanks. As the Russian - Ukraine war developed there were an extraordinary amount of questions as to why the US doesn't transfer these planes to Ukraine to even out the battlefield from the sky. This would be a perfect plane to support the Ukrainian ground troops from the air. This plane, although developed in the middle of the last century, maintains amazing fighting capabilities with overpowering large caliber guns that maintain a high level of armour piercing characteristics which will make diced lettuce from any T-82 Russian tank.

Imagine the reality of things, currently at this time, there is a country who is fighting an atrocious Russian aggression that stems from hate of anything that resembles freedom and democracy, which consequently is everything that the United States of America stands for. The US and other western partners are already involved. Them providing real time military assistance constitutes involvement in its purest form. Layman's terms - Russia is the antipode of the USA. Russia launches a full fledged violent attack on Ukraine, that is the largest country in Europe, for exercising a will to live freely, which is determinately everything that the US stands for. The United States immediately responds with financial and military help. But, there are still no planes.

Clearly, it should be mentioned that the US has no debt to pay to Ukraine. There isn't an obligation to protect anything and everything that goes wrong in the world and the US is not the only country aiding Ukraine in its fight for freedom. The point is that nothing is owed, the US and partners are helping Ukraine because ultimately the world stands for fairness, civil rights and justice and there should'nt be a single doubt about any underlying messages here - the US and partners do not owe Ukraine anything but because Russia attacked the fundamental principles of the free progressive world, if the US and the collective west would do nothing, it would literally mean letting Russia walk all over the values that millions of people successfully and happily live by, which indefinitely is the ultimate goal of every Ukrainian.

There shouldn't be a doubt that if the US is not supplying planes to Ukraine, there isn't a reason for this. One shouldn't look for treason where there is none to be found. Relatively few people in the world have access to full information that stands behind critical decision making processes. Most people are clueless about the real underlying matters which currently make up our reality. The US shouldn't under any circumstance become a scapegoat in anybody's eyes simply for not doing something that less informed people think should be done. People must be ok with not knowing some things, as ignorance is truly blissful and not all of us can handle the true weight of reality.

The US also seems to sometimes be the focus of negative attention for idling disproportionately to other countries that are involved in this conflict. The European Union gets much less grief for not doing enough although cumulatively the EU support is times less than that of the US. For what it's worth, take Germany for example. They promised so many things that they later couldn't deliver. During war, if you are promised something you make plans for these items in your defence and counter attack strategy. The cumulative effect of just not supplying help and not supplying something that you promised is observably devastating. Whole campaigns are scrapped and territory is lost. Sometimes, this happens not only because partners didn't supply military aid, but because Ukraine didn't receive it at a time most needed. War is not a competition of determined power, it is rather more about the rhythm of delivery of the needed weaponry at the needed time. A simple analogy - what good is food to a deceased, if he already died from hunger.

Having mentioned the above, it is still very hard to find yourself in a country at war and think that somewhere out there, there are magnitudes of weapon units that could have and still can save tens of thousands of lives. According to publicly available information, Ukrainian pilots are already training to operate the A-10 fighter plane. This is in fact the best news that had been delivered to Ukrainians since HIMARS. At the same time, it is so hard to rejoice anymore having already lost so many of those you had known.

Serge A is of Ukrainian descent, grew up in Brooklyn and is volunteering in Ukraine as a legally armed member of a Territorial Defense Group. He was a columnist for the newspaper at Pace University which he attended as an undergrad.


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