VR Demo Solo and A-10 flight

Use the link at the end to login to the A-10 VR Demo.
  • Wait for the page to load (inside cockpit, airfield below, control tower on left ~ 80MB total)
  • Click the "Enter VR" at center bottom (tested for Oculus Quest 2, do not click if using computer instead of headset)
  • Use the hand controller thumbsticks to fly:
  • Right thumbstick forward to go forward (the direction you are looking), left or right to turn.
  • Left thumbstick forward to go up, back to go down, right or left to move laterally
  • If you fly below the surface (crash) fly up
  • If you fly outside the world sphere (space), fly back in
  • For non-VR (computer) use arrows keys to move plane at ground level - use turn arrow options in panel to orient better - click screen at lower left to turn slightly with mouse for aiming, click again to stop turning
  • Look for tanks in the open area to the left
  • Attack at or near ground level
  • Pull and release the right trigger once to send a burst of shells (click mouse in mid screen for non-VR)
  • Adjust plane position to point directly at target
  • Wait for burst to complete before firing again
  • Destroy all tanks, return to airfield
  • Turn flight off, click on tarmac to inspect plane (optional, click Turn flight on to return to cockpit)
  • Exit VR, uncheck "Flight login", reload page to start over, or Log out on right top when done

VR Demo Briefing Multiple Users

  • Use links below for demo with enemy MiG and missile
  • Have Tower Drone user click link first in computer, then A-10 user in VR, wait for timers to run, then have Air Defense user click link in VR
  • Tower Drone opens from admin page after A-10 page loads
  • Tower Drone: click OPEN for numbered support session if pop-up blocked
  • Tower Drone: allow pop-ups, archive old sessions, uncheck Supporting now if still not working
  • Tower Drone window must be open for MiG flight and missile attack to run
  • Tower Drone: uncheck Flight login, close windows when done to log out
  • A-10: use instructions above for flight and attack
  • A-10: after takeoff, wait for F-16 flyover launching HARM missiles to take out enemy air defense
  • Use Cluster Bomb to de-mine minefield on right end of green/wooded area
  • A-10: activate Countermeasure when Missile Lock sounds, or earlier
  • A-10: retreat to base after missile attack, lead MiG into Air Defense zone
  • Air Defense: Enter VR, use right thumbstick left and right to rotate
  • Air Defense: click Fire Missile when MiG begins attack run