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Geofrey RobertApr 4, 2022 (0)

On 3 March 2022, President Zelensky accused Russia of genocide after over 300 people were killed in Bucha alone, and 57 bodies were found in a mass grave. Among those killed was a 14-year-old boy with horrific claims of rape and Russian soldiers mutilating children. Bucha city Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk stated that Russians executed the civilians as they were surrounded, and most of the bodies were shot in the head with their hands tied to the back. Russian troops abandoned the city in what is believed to be a regrouping move, and the Ukraine soldiers moved into the town and covered the results of the atrocities. 

According to the AFP, journalists reported finding at least nine dead bodies that seemed to have been executed, including two found with their wrists bound behind their backs. Human Rights Watch stated that it recorded examples of Russian forces perpetrating genocide against residents that seized districts of Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Chernigiv, such as summary execution and rape. Some Western leaders called for further sanctions response even though Moscow continued to press its offensive to the country's east. In the video shown during the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas for musicians and other artists, Zelenskyy implored them to support his nation and ‘'fill the silence with their music''[1]. Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov rejected those allegations describing the scenes outside Kyiv as a stage-managed anti-Russian provocation. The foreign minister stated that there was no mention of the atrocities when Russian troops were occupying the area, but photographs of dead bodies emerged two days later, noting that it was all aimed at provoking Russia. However, the comments were rebutted by EU Foreign policy chief Josep Borrell who stated that Russian authorities were responsible for the atrocities since they were committed when Russia was in control of the area. French President Macron said there was evidence of war crimes in Bucha and Russians must be held accountable. 

Ukraine Needs You 

In the wake of brutal crimes committed by Russians who are besieging cities and executing civilians, it is everyone's responsibility to help[2]. The world cannot watch as civilians are butchered by Russians who invaded their country without justification. Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba speaking to Times Radio stated that Russia is becoming worse than ISIS, noting that they were killing civilians while leaving in anger after they failed to advance[3]. The pictures shared online by Ukraine officials, and western media attracted global attention as countries condemned Russian criminals. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned Russians actions promising to step up sanctions and military aid to starve Putin's war machine. PM Johnson dismissed Russian denial of killing civilians as disinformation and a desperate attempt after failing to achieve their objectives[4]. The world must stand together with Russia and condemn the crimes committed against civilians by a brutal regime seeking to fulfill its territorial fantasies. Many abandoned areas have been planted with land mines exposing other civilians and first responders to danger. 

How you can help 

You can help Ukraine overcome the current crisis through various ways that include donations, signing petitions, boycotting Russian goods and services, helping prevent disinformation, and putting pressure on the government to act. 

Help Prevent Russian Disinformation 

Russian intelligence operatives run successful disinformation campaigns worldwide, targeting the U.S and other western countries with propaganda. You can help prevent disinformation by fact-checking news before you share it. For example, Russia uses propaganda to divert attention from its war crimes in Bucha by falsely accusing Ukraine troops of killing their people for sympathy. Look for reliable news from credible sources in the West with reporters on the ground and on television. Online networks and social media have spread disinformation and accused Ukraine of committing harm against Russia and its people. For example, Russian dictator Putin claimed that their mission in Ukraine was to de-Nazify Ukraine, which was propaganda considering Ukraine is headed by a Jew with roots in the holocaust[5]. Call Russian troops by their real name ‘'invaders'' and their actions an ‘'aggression'' toward Ukraine. It will help create awareness of who the Russians are and their mission in Ukraine. Also, share news on the Russian war crimes and alleged genocide to create awareness and garner public support for Ukraine. 

Donate to Charities 
Various charities support Ukrainians by providing food, water, medicine, and shelter and are mobilizing donations.

Save the Children: Save The Children is an international non-profit working to save the lives of children in danger. The organization is working to deliver supplies to families in Ukraine and refugees who have the country. Save the Children stated that an estimated 7.5 million young Ukrainians are at risk of the conflict and require help to deliver assistance to the vulnerable Ukrainians. Donations to the organization will pay for vouchers and cash delivery to enable families to buy food and other essentials. Further, some donations will be used to support children in education and programs to help them overcome the traumas of the war. Gwen Hines, CEO OF Save the Children UK, warned that the crisis is spiraling out of control and millions of children are in great emotional distress and at risk of physical injuries. You can donate and support Ukrainian children at: 

Samaritan Pulse: You can also donate to the Samaritan Purse, a Christian non-profit organization headquartered in the United States currently calling for donations to respond to the Ukraine crisis. The organization has scores of Disaster Response Team (DART) members on the ground in Ukraine and other staffers in Poland and Moldova. Further, they are opening and operating an Emergency Field Hospital in the outskirts of Lviv and three medical centers in Southwestern Ukraine and Lviv. Multiple Samaritan purse airlifts have carried relief and medical supplies for the teams on the ground. DC-8 flights were also helping the resupply of Ukrainian hospitals, and more than 3 million people have fled the neighboring countries, and a million are internally displaced. Franklin Graham, President of Samaritan Purse, speaking on ABC News on Sunday, stated that God calls us to go into the crisis areas and help those most vulnerable. Consider donating at: Doctors Without Borders: Medical teams are looking for ways to respond to humanitarian and medical needs as the conflicts evolve. It is currently mobilizing staff and resources to respond to a growing need in Ukraine. Now, the organization had to halt its mission in Ukraine due to the risks associated with its work. Key medical projects included TB care, HIV care, and improving health care access in Ukraine and are providing much-needed health care to the conflict-affected communities. You can support the organization in increasing its presence in the conflict regions and expanding its healthcare access in Ukraine. Consider donating at: 

International Committee of the Red Cross: The ICRC has been working in Ukraine since 2014. The operations include a country that is among the ten most extensive ICRC operations worldwide, with a team of over 600 staff members. ICRC is increasing its operations in response to the humanitarian needs in Ukraine and support to people includes emergency assistance such as water, food, and essential items. The conditions civilians face in Mariupol are becoming increasingly dire and the teams on the ground are reporting the requirements at Mariupol city described in the city as ‘'apocalyptic''. People live with no water, food, electricity, or heat. The organization seeks donations to provide necessities to Ukrainians affected by the war. Consider donating at: 

American Red Cross: As fighting in Ukraine continues, the American Red Cross has contributed 100 million dollars to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to alleviate the suffering caused by the devastating crisis. The support allows the Red Cross network to aid those in need both Ukraine and neighboring areas. Despite the dangers of the war, Red Cross teams are working tirelessly and helping people and communities impacted by conflict. In Mariupol, the units are helping provide shelter and medical care after 90% of all hospitals were damaged and 40% were destroyed. You can consider donating to support Ukrainians at: 

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund: The fund is run by Global giving and currently running a campaign to raise $30 million to provide food, water, shelter, and medicine to the most vulnerable group, Ukrainian children. All donations to Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund support humanitarian assistance in impact communities in Ukraine and surrounding where Ukrainian refugees have fled. GlobalGiving's local partners bring relief to displaced and terrified communities and need resources to continue their life-saving work. GlobalGiving is one of the most trustworthy and reliable charities globally, recommended by the New York Times, Associated Press, Washington Post, Oprah, ABC News, NPR, and the U.S State Department. Consider helping them to raise the $30 million: 

Geofrey Robert is an experienced freelance researcher and writer with over five years of experience. He holds a Bachelor of law from Kenyatta University (Nairobi, Kenya). His research interests are: International law, Peace & Security, Conflict, humanitarian issues, and climate change. He worked as a peace and security news writer for and also contributed to their periodic PEACE MONITOR MAGAZINE as a peace researcher and writer focusing on the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

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