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By Andrea HartleyApr 6, 2022 (0)

As we watch the horrific tragedy in Ukraine unfold, it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel hopelessly unable to do anything to help; but a nonprofit group who has been helping Ukraine since 2014 has put together a ton of information that will enable anyone to help in tangible ways.  Razon, which means "together" in Ukrainian, believes deeply in the enormous potential of dedicated volunteers around the world united by a single goal: to unlock the potential of Ukraine.  Razon works toward that mission by creating spaces where people meet, partner, and do. Since the barbaric attack on Ukraine in 2022 they have focused on providing essential support around the clock according to the urgent need, which at this time is medical supply and communication devices.

"The need for chest seals and tourniquets is great. "Razom is averaging procuring 10,000 tourniquets per week (worth over $250,000/week) from the most reputable suppliers buying CAT, SOF-T and/or SAM brands.  In life-or-death situations, tourniquets stop arterial bleeding so the quality of this single-use device matters.  They continue to be the most sought-after and requested forms of aid across Ukraine. We've purchased over 10,300 chest seals for over $58,000.  Ukrainians in the U.S. and Canada have really stepped up to the plate in procuring these because the supply of chest seals has been completely depleted in North America…through July.  So Razomers found contacts in Australia and the U.K to buy over 6,000 of these, which are due to arrive in our warehouse in western Ukraine later this week," according to a spokesperson for Razon.



Volunteers also worked around the clock to acquire and send 2,000 IFAK's from a New Jersey warehouse to Ukraine.  These are specialized first aid kits valued at $100 a piece that are designed to treat traumatic injuries and severe bleeding.  



From their website : Here's an official list of acceptable humanitarian aid from Razom. Large quantities of these supplies are accepted at our partners at Meest America with Razom covering the shipment cost. Every large shipment will require a properly filled out manifest.

§  If you want to donate tactical medicine off of this list for medics in the field in Ukraine, and you are in the US, please contact

§  If you want to donate tactical medicine off of this list for medics in the field in Ukraine, and you are in Europe, please contact

§  For any donations to hospitals or from hospitals, please contact


It is important to note that Razom takes no more that 15% for administrative fees for the 501c3, so 85% goes directly to help the Ukrainian people.

In addition, they provide education on how you can participate in fostering democracy and prosperity in Ukraine by giving of your time from the comfort of your own home.   For example, you can advocate for Ukraine on your social media pages, you can start a group on Facebook to work together for that goal.  You can also create a fundraiser, write to elected officials and even join a protest organized by Razon or start your own.

Razon has made it very easy to contact your elected officials on behalf of Ukraine.  Just follow this link:

You may also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


According to Razon, some major corporations with ties to Russia have enacted sanctions.  Others have not.  You can also take an active stand in support for Ukraine by writing to CEO's of companies and making your voice heard.  Boycotting companies that are actively supporting the destruction and carnage in Ukraine is another way that we can help this humanitarian and military effort to preserve freedom in a country who has fought so hard to establish and maintain a democracy.

Some companies who have sanctioned Russia are ExonMobil, Shell, BP, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, McDonalds, Procter and Gamble, Meta, Sony, and LinkedIn .

Some that have NOT sanctioned Russia include Chevron, Barclays, Berkshire Hathaway, Loreal, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, TIKTOK, slack, Toyota, Nissan and DuPont.   

For a more complete listing go to    

 Andrea Hartley is a former newspaper reporter for The Hammonton News, former columnist for Atlantic City Press, and freelance writer. She also published The Lehigh Valley Woman's Journal for 8 years until she went back to school and earned her MFA in Creative Writing and wrote, The Vietnam War: A Dream Amidst the Nightmare in 2017. 


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