The United Nations Role in the Ukraine War

Eric MixApr 20, 2022

Russia is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. This hasn't stopped the United Nations from strongly opposing Russia's invasion of Ukraine. On February 25th, the majority of the member nations of the Security Council voted on a resolution making it clear that Russia's aggression was unacceptable and declared that Russia should immediately withdraw its troops. Prompting an emergency session of the UN General Assembly the following week, 141 nations voted in favor of denouncing Russia's invasion.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has stated that 20 million dollars in assistance from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund will be directed to Ukraine. This is combined with tasking the UN Refugee Agency to raise nearly two billion dollars for the rapidly growing humanitarian crisis.

This funding is vital considering, according to the UN Refugee Agency, approximately 10 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced up to this point, and 4 million have escaped to Poland, Slovakia, Hungry, Romania and other nearby European nations. The agency is making preparations to handle the expected increasing numbers of people migrating out of Ukraine which will likely mean the UN will have to deal with the largest numbers of people fleeing their homeland since the Balkan Wars.

Source: Council on Foreign Relations

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