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Ukraine Can't Get Jets From US So They're Building Their Own Out of Scraps

Glenn CherritsMay 2, 2022 (0)

A week after the Pentagon mistakenly said they transferred jets to Ukraine, the official Twitter account of Ukraine's Air Force said, "Ukraine did not receive new aircraft from partners! With the assistance of the US Government, received spare parts and components for the restoration and repair of the fleet of aircraft in the Armed Forces, which will allow us to put into service more equipment. Source: @alex_owski @KpsZSU


You have to wonder whether the White House and the Pentagon are hanging their heads in shame and embarrassment lately.


Yes, President Joe Biden has asked Congress to pass a $33 billion Ukrainian Aid measure including more than $20 billion in military aid and other security assistance.  Yes, the big aid package includes a strong dose of needed humanitarian help. But no, the White House still fears that giving jet fighters to the Ukraine fighters will provoke escalation by Vladimir Putin. Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky  has repeatedly asked for fixed wing aircraft to support his ground troops, but America is afraid such a gift might make Vladimir Putin feel bad,


Meanwhile, The Ukrainians have been rebuilding jets.  They've scrimped and conjured enough parts and old aircraft that they've now got 20 more jets than they had when the war started.  They've fought one of the largest armies in the world to a virtual standstill while they build extra fighters out of leftovers in between ducking from the Russians continued shelling. We should be embarrassed.


The US has committed to sending Ukraine 16 Mi-17 helicopters, but the administration declined to get involved in transferring MiG-29s from Poland to Ukraine.

President Zelensky has repeatedly asked other countries for Soviet-era MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jets partly because Ukrainian pilots already know how to fly them.

Russian missiles and artillery, as well as the strikes on military bases are ongoing and the Ukraine's Air Force has suffered some losses but it remains mostly intact.

The Ukrainian Air Force continues to defy expectations. Although they fly a limited number of sorties, they continue to fight effectively, mount enough of a presence to keep the Russians apparently afraid of the skies, and they are adding to their inventory.


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